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We are skilled in a vast array of dog training services in Singapore and can consult with you to determine which what best matches your requirements and lifestyle. The idea behind dog training was to create a two-way interaction with man’s best companion. We offer private and group sessions to improve hands-on skills and provide suitable assistance in dog training. Our knowledge can assist you in preventing your dog from reacting inappropriately.

In a multi-racial country like Singapore, dog obedience training is very critical. Dog training is no longer simply for folks who desire a well-behaved dog; it is now an integral element of owning a companion dog in Singapore.

We provide both personalized and group lessons. However, for the best outcomes, we suggest group lessons since you get to encounter real-life interruptions and have a higher degree of motivation in a group setting.

All behavioural issues will be addressed in our basic dog obedience course, including toilet/potty training, chewing issues, barking issues, biting, and dog aggression. You will also have learned advanced techniques where your dog will respond to basic orders without being on a leash by the end of the course.

Dog Training Singapore promotes a set of efficient and successful dog training methods. The dog obedience training course teaches owners the foundations of canine behavior so they can better bond with their canine companion.

Additionally, the dog training sessions will allow your dog to socialize and form friendships with those other dogs in the class.

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Dog Training Classes

We are always ready at hand to help you develop a positive relationship with your dog to have a stress-free, happy home for everyone! Here is the list of our dog training classes.

Our dog obedience training methods are based on positive motivation utilizing toys, treats, petting, and praise to make training fun and successful. This dog training course consists 10 modules and on a weekly schedule.

Dog Potty Training is a Board And Train Service. The duration of the training will be 10 days, our trainer will help your puppy or dog to housebreak within the timeframe. We will provide the accommodation for your dog together with the potty training. After which, we will transfer the knowledge to you, so you can your puppy transit from what they learned and performed.

This Basic Obedience Training is a Board And Train Service. The duration of the training will be 30 days, our  dog trainer will help your puppy or dog to learn and acquire basic skills. This dog training course will teach your dog to acquire basic skills such as: walking on the loose leash, sit, down, come, stay, impulse control, and other basic obedience skills.

If your dog needs help with a basic or specific pressing issue, our  private dog training express with our dog trainer may be a great option for you. Dog training sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home or at any training facility you requested and with personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle.

Our private dog training service is catered to accommodate your lifestyle. This training package includes 6 private lessons and 2 group sessions. This dog training class can be done in the your preferred location. This course includes basic obedience commands such as: attention training, name calling, loose leash walking, impulse control, etc.

Not sure what do with your dog? We can help.

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When you choose us to be your dog training partner, you can be assured your dog is receiving the best care from experienced dog trainers in Singapore.


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You’ll be happy knowing our dedicated team of reliable dog trainers will do whatever is needed to keep your dogs happy, healthy and safe.

Roger has had experience with dogs at the tender age of 5 and has trained many types of dogs in both group and private settings. His personal belief when it comes to dogs is “a trained dog is a happy dog”. Because of his love for dogs, Roger became a volunteer for non-profit dog organizations, Roger also conducts dog training sessions for the other volunteers and their shelter dogs as statistics have shown that human interaction and exercise help reduce stress levels and contribute to the shelter dogs overall wellbeing.

His belief in using positive training methods further enhanced when he started training under Master Trainer Dexter Sim WMA, Certified Agility Instructor.

His dog has appeared on stage at the PETAS Pet Show in 2015


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Keeping a dog in HDB flat in Singapore? Can you teach old dogs new tricks? Treats recipe for dog training? We got you covered!

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    How much is the price for dog training?

    Dog training may cost anything from $30 to $80 each lesson, with most people spending around $50 per hour. Dog obedience courses range in price from $200 to $600 a week. Training a service dog for assistance, rehabilitation, or protection costs an average of $120 per hour.

    Is it ever too late to begin dog training?

    It’s never too late to train an older dog to listen and follow, even if some mature dogs learn more slowly. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, whether you’re retraining a dog that needs to unlearn some bad behaviors or teaching an older dog for the first time.

    When should I enroll my dog in obedience classes?

    Although puppies have short attention spans, you may expect them to learn basic obedience cues like “sit,” “down,” and “stay” as early as seven to eight weeks of age. Formal dog training has usually been postponed until the age of six months.

    What is the best way to teach my dog basic obedience?

    Heel, sit, stay, and come are the fundamental instructions that every dog should learn in sequence. Heel – With the dog on your left side at knee level and the leash in your hand, begin walking with your left foot first while saying “Heel” in the dog’s name. Sit – Simply place a reward in front of his head while saying “Sit” and the dog’s name. If your dog doesn’t respond, gently touch his buttocks while giving the order. Then reward and praise them. Begin by putting your dog in a sit position. Show an open-palm hand order while saying “Stay” and his name while standing in front of him. Maintain eye contact and hold him in the remain posture for 30 seconds before saying, “Okay!” As you practice, have him stay for longer lengths of time as you get further away from him. Come – Place your dog in the “Sit” posture with a non-retractable leash that is at least six feet long. Pull lightly while saying, “Come,” and the dog’s name in a cheerful, enthusiastic tone. When the dog approaches you and sits in front of you, praise him and give him a treat.

    Is it worthwhile to pay for dog training classes?

    Rather of enrolling their puppies in “obedience school,” some experienced dog owners depend on their own knowledge when adding a new dog to their group. Experts agree, however, that every dog, including experienced dog owners, may benefit from a dog trainer’s knowledge.

    Is it worthwhile to hire a dog trainer?

    Dog trainers can help dogs of all ages with a variety of difficulties, from fear to aggressiveness to difficulty learning basic instructions. And employing one should not be viewed as a sign of a business owner’s failure.