Basic Dog Obedience Class




10 modules




AMK Industrial Park

What is Dog Obedience Class Training?

Our dog obedience class  training methods are based on positive motivation utilizing toys, treats, petting, and praise to make training fun and successful. You will need to bring treats and toys to class to reward your dog for trying new things! Train your dog to be an enthusiastic learner and learn skills that will be retained for life!

Dog Obedience Class Training Package

  • Basic Good Manners – Level 1
    • Getting started with the ABCs of learning – Starts every Friday/Saturday/Sunday
    • Week 1 Orientation  – training techniques and life skills training goals, start teaching recall.
    • Weeks 2 and 3 Focus on getting the basic – teach sit, down, stand, close, stationary attention, and eye contact, stop dogs from jumping up, and start teaching stay.
      • Walk with me – walking on the loose leash with attention
      • Useful pet tricks – spin ad play dead, leave it.

Requirements to move to Level 2 of Dog Obedience Class: Dog will be able to sit down, and stand on command. The dog will watch the owner with mild distractions while walking on the loose leash.

  • Level 2 More Manners
    • Self controlled walking – walking on a leash without pulling, about turns, paying attention to the owner, and ignoring the other dogs. Then you can teach him anything!
    • Recall – on a leash, no matter what!
    • Stay – sit, down, and stand
    • Problem solving session for: barking, digging, chewing, mouthing, house-soiling etc
    • Pet tricks – touch (e.g. ring the bell, push ball), paw, wave

Requirements to move to Level 3 of Dog Obedience Class: Dogs can stroll around the area training area with the attention on the owner, leaving the dogs alone. The dog will recall on the leash with mild distractions. The dog will stay for 30 seconds down and 45 seconds sitting with mild distractions (handler standing on the leash.)

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